Arm Warmers

My handmade, Eco-Friendly Arm Warmers are super comfy, warm and stylish.

What's even better is they are made from recycled fabrics so we are helping to reduce waste and help our environment!

They are lightweight so you can stash a pair in your coat pocket or bag, and I always leave a pair in my car as well as my studio. Yep, I sew in them, they are that comfortable! 

If you need a gift for your co workers, drive thru workers, cashiers, stockers, toll booth, postal workers, bus drivers, etc. they would so appreciate having a pair.

They come in so many different color combinations, Many people collect them.  They are not only fun and functional they add a nice pop of color and/or that small needed accessory to any outfit. 

I even match school and team colors, those band members marching in the cold parades, football games, Rock that school spirit. 

The actual colors may be slightly different due to how photos look online. Some imperfections are intentional to add character. Please hand wash in lukewarm water and lay flat to dry.